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TIME'S UP Dr.Med.Dr. Francis Andy Fakoya

Dear Colleagues,Thank you for all your support for the past few days. You have given me hope when I needed it most. You make me proud to be Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ife graduate, and most importantly, a human being.Over the years I have struggled in silence of related sexual harassment and intimidation activities from Dr. Fakoya who is presently a Professor at St. George’s University (SGU), when he was a lecturer of Anatomy OAU, Ife. Also, I am aware of my colleagues at OAU that went through sexual harassment issues, with students penalized by being marked down, which resulted to repeated courses and contributed to repeated academic year. Also in extreme circumstances, students leaving OAU to finish their medical school somewhere else.I have suffered depression, inferior complexity, lack of confidence, minimal self-esteem or lack of it, disturbed sleep and acute anxiety. Also, years of sorrow and ruminating on this issue with a lot of potential happy moments I could have lost forever.I am seizing this opportunity to encourage you, my colleagues to please sign this petition to collaborate the pattern of behavior as it relates to sexual intimidation and harassment at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife by Dr. Fakoya who is now presently at St. George University (SGU). This will aid the current opened investigation by SGU on these allegations and to help move the possibility of justice for numerous students that went through this horrific experience at Ife.No female child, girl, daughter, lady, woman or man should go through any form of sexual harassment and intimidation to the point that it affects their success, dreams, ambitions and future. Please sign your name (Initials if you prefer to stay anonymous), your year of graduation and notify if you were a victim of this behavior or you were aware of Dr. Francis Andy Fakoya’s pattern of behavior in relating to sexual harassment and intimidation, while you were a student of OAU,Ife. The comment area is for additional information about him, you would like SGU to know.Please kindly note that your email will not be sold or given to any 3rd party. It will not be visible to me either. When all signatures have been collected,the link will be provided to SGU and they will only be able to view the same information anyone can view when they click on "view signature". Thank you. Funke Dezarn

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